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1. 别了,唐(Don)和他完美的西服;别了,佩姬(Peggy)和她的格子裙;别了,琼(Joan)和她的珠光宝气以及紧身连衣裙。
2. 新上榜品牌有26个,其中前三名为乐视、安邦和东方财富,其中民营品牌占70%。小米品牌价值涨幅最大,其价值是去年五倍,为73亿美元,TCL和华为位居其后。
3. Age: 53
4. “From one son of the South and sports fanatic to another, my hat’s off to you,” tweeted Bill Clinton, the former US president, in response to the article.
5. Slice stems at a 45 degree angle.This leaves a larger exposed area so blossoms can absorb as much water as possible, and also allows stems to stand on point, s
6. Haub School of Business at Saint Joseph’s University in Pennsylvania is the only school ranked for the first time, in 98th place.


1. You can read the full list of stories, but here are the top five:
2. Do you tend to hide your feelings from others?
3. 1. Choosing a job based on compensation alone
4. She said: "I am extremely surprised and overwhelmed. I just want to start by saying what an incredible year for women in film. These categories are so crowed and crammed with incredible integrity and skill and I feel prouder than ever to be included."
5. Unlike many young girls who are starstruck by celebrities, Maddie claims that she keeps a cool head at events like the Grammys because she sees herself as a star, so needs to act accordingly.
6. Morocco is a gateway to Africa. Major tourism cities in the North African kingdom include the capital of Rabat, Casablanca – the country's largest city - Marrakesh and Agadir.


1. n. 喜剧,滑稽,幽默事件
2. 而在一年前,台湾的反华人士就选择了向日葵作为他们反华事业的标志。
3. 去年,伊斯兰国激进分子在土耳其驻摩苏尔领事馆扣押了49名土耳其人质,三个多月后才释放他们。人质中包括外交官、军人和儿童。
4. 中国在朝鲜半岛问题上的立场是明确的、一贯的,坚持实现半岛无核化,坚持维护半岛的和平稳定,坚持通过对话协商解决问题。
5. 5、毕福剑违纪
6. The global survey was conducted between 2010 and 2012 and follows the Earth Institute's first rankings released last year. While "the world has become a slightly happier and more generous place over the past five years," economic and political upheavals have resulted in greatly reduced levels of well being for some nations, the report said.


1. 8 April
2. The economy has registered a slower but stable performance with good momentum for growth.
3. Chinese people are intelligent and hardworking and they have an inexhaustible drive for pursuing a better life for themselves. The government needs to create the enabling environment for our people to fully use their talent and initiative.
4. However, some lawmakers already are discussing a standoff again in late February over raising the federal borrowing limit. 'You can never count on policy makers to not shoot themselves in the foot,' Mr. Daco said.
5. 4.Sex and the City Caused a Rush on Cupcakes
6. 北京有一个global的厅


1. 她最近成了她的父亲、前总理纳瓦兹·谢里夫(Nawaz Sharif)的左膀右臂。但腐败指控给她的迅速崛起蒙上了阴影。
2. The Dutch case involved sophisticated financial professionals, people accustomed to analyzing financial and economic trends. Yet, they too focused on their personal experience.
3. 年龄:46岁

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