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楼市回暖趋势已定 一线城市再创量价新高

亚太区房地产投资创历史新高 说明


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1.卖场成本高压力大 建材商写字楼里做生意
2.统计局官员:楼市泡沫风险并未远去 只是被雪藏
3.国外分拆国内合并 照明业运营模式渐变
6.房企家居抱团求生 装修攀上“互联网+”


1. 不包括阿拉斯加和夏威夷在内的美国本土曾在2012年创下温度记录,那年发生过灼人的热浪和干旱。主要是由于东部地区不同寻常地寒冷,才使得2014年的温度对这48个州来说,仅在有记录以来的最暖年度中排名第34。
2. AR could be the bigger opportunity after Apple’s Tim Cook gave the technology his backing — it was included in Apple’s latest operating system and its iPhone X device.
3. But if the U.S. can avert that Washington-made crisis, the outlook for workers finding jobs is actually looking pretty good for next year. For one thing, the damage of superstorm Sandy will have to be repaired, meaning jobs in construction and retail. Businesses, meanwhile, which have held off investing and hiring because of uncertainty over the fiscal outlook, might finally open their wallets. That means more jobs, too.[qh]
4. 3. Elasticity of Demand.The cure for low prices is low prices. That cliché can be applied to both the supply and demand side of the equation. Will oil selling at fire sale prices spur renewed demand? In some countries where oil is more regulated, low prices may not trickle down to the retail level. Countries like Indonesia are scrapping subsidies, which will be a boon to state coffers but will diminish the benefits to consumers. However, in the U.S., gasoline prices are now below $2.40 per gallon, more than 35 percent down from mid-2014. That has led to an uptick in gasoline consumption. In the waning days of 2014, the U.S. consumed gasoline at the highest daily rate since 2007. Low prices could spark higher demand, which in turn could send oil prices back up.
5. Will José Antonio Meade be the next president of Mexico
6. 6. Our last universal common ancestor gets a makeover


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2、建材厂商摩拳擦掌 “刚需家装”成金秋市场主力军
3、河北木家具出口首次突破2亿美元 廊坊占近九成
5、多数商家已走出“春节时间” 建材等行业仍在休假